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ISDE 2006

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ISDE 2006. The riders are all set for the 2006 event in New Zealand. For results etc please see www.enduronews.com . The practice track is mighty rough and Richard Hay has had a fall there. Declared fit to ride he has a chipped bone in his hand - but Ironman Richard will give it his all in the British Trophy Team. Euan McConnel is riding his mighty TM 450 and will be looking for a good result.

Sun - Dusty Martin writes "Another 6 Days done. All the lads rode their hearts out. Perhaps the results don't reflect how hard they have worked. We will have a very well deserved night out tonight. Well done to all the Brits". Euan McConneltop Brit in 40th with some very fast tests. Several Trophy members suffered injuries - but kept on going - True enduro spirit. Official results are still unavailable but after test 23 (unfortunately this test will be scrubbed & the first 2 of the only will count) Euan McConnell was leading Brit in 39th, Tom Sagar 45th, Simon Wakeley 59th, Edward Jones 61st, Daryl Bolter 71st, Andrew Edwards 84th, Chris Hockey 87th, Dylan Jones 92nd, Ashley Woods 96th, Richard Hay 150th, David Johns 162nd.

Finland win the Trophy event with Team GB in 9th. USA 1st in Junior with GB in 6th.

Thurs. It is proving a very tough event - and the course is very rough now. The ground is "unlike anything riders have experienced before" - Chris Hockey. But all are performing well. Euan McConnell still top GB rider.

Wed - Euan McConnel is top Brit today in 24th. Richard Hay is now riding without an arm support. Hot and wet out there after heavy overnight rain. Trophy team in 8th - Junior team in 7th.