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For Information on the 2004 Polish ISDE see   http://www.isde2004.pl/

Also see the excellent reports from the team manager Euan Syme on Bob Mullins site -



Daily reports from Derek Little - outriding and helping all over for Chris Hay and the British Team. All in pdf format - let me know if you want a copy in Word format .

10th Sept  Report 1 - The Road Trip

10th Sept  Report 2 - Arrival and the Parc Ferme - BIG Teams !!

10th Sept  Report 3 - Setup of Chris's bike

12th Sept Report 4 - Sunday - 1st day - now an I7DE !

13th Sept  Quickie -Quick update this as heading back to the hotel with Chris.  He had a decent day but some of the Junior lads in his class did better.  Still a long way to go. Knighter had bike probs, that cost him time in a test and a painful crash - all sorted now though.

14th Sept Report 5 - Day 1

15th Sept Report 6 - Day 2

16th Sept Report 7- Day 3 German rider dies after cash in forest -Swen Enderlein 161 and an outrider is killed in a crash with a car - 2 passengers also die .    Trophy Team 5th - Junior team 7th

17th Sept Report 8 - Day 4 - more bike problems for Chris - but still going strong !

18th Sept Report 9 - Day 5 - Chris still going well - flies in the final day 6 MX .

19th Sept Report 10 - Day 6 - Full report on the final MX - and Chris's impressive ride for second place.

20th Sept Report 11   Full report on the van theft and notes on out riding.

Final note - Chris's van was stolen on the last night . From a secure area with 3 guards, a dog and locked area.  Poor show Poland - don't think we will be coming back again !! Looks like organised crime - and next year the ISDE is in Czecho - just across an open border.

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Chris concentrates on the test, despite the best efforts of the local girls

Overall Trpohy team places 5th with Knighter in 2nd in E1.

Junior team in 4th

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