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ELRAT LOGO - web.jpg (8255 bytes)ELRAT Griffin . 1st September.

Final results - click here.  Won by Fraser Flockhart from Frazer Norrie - very fast times over a deep heather test. Rick Mair had a bit of an off in the test and decided to retire (good move with the ISDE only a few weeks away). Please note - all tests counted in.

ELRAT Golden Sprocket Vintage Bike Award won by Bill Bruce in a close contest with Gerry Day. Bill was on a much newer 1995 Yamaha while Gerry was on a 1986 Husqvarna. Hard work with short suspension and a narrow power band.

Dry Grifin and all riders finished - thanks to careful course setting by Atholl Cameron. Lap times easy due to the very dry weather - not the normal Griffin bogs.

Results this year by the SACU break beam system and produced at the event. No queries on the first two - seems to be accurate with a break beam finish. Will be training all clubs so all events use it in 2013. Interested in learning it - contact you club.

And the winner of the SACU TEAM ENDURO for 2013 is Elgin Endurance Club - worthy winners with 3 class winners in their team.  . Click here for full result.