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ELRAT Griffin Forest Enduro 4th September

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The course was the driest we had seen for years – looking good – right up till Friday night when it chucked it down. It stayed dry on Saturday and come race day we even had Sun for the first time in living memory.

 At the riders briefing the organisers warned “ there may be a problem with dust –-- finding any !!” The Griffin forest has a reputation as a true Enduro where getting round the course is tough enough before having to race through the test. Luckily the test is at the start of the course so riders were still relatively fresh as they attempted to blast the forest breaks. The club had added in one Chicken run – perhaps a 100 more would have been handy.

 With the Sportsmen kept off most of the steep hills it was the bogs that took their toll . The rain on Friday causing a few muddy holes to develop. Most of the bogs were downhill but one on the exit from Brunel’s bridge turned into mud that the Somme would have recognised. Well down to all the riders who made it back to the start.  It doesn’t get much tougher.

 When the final laps were completed Ironman Richard Hay turned in a gritty performance with very consistent test times showing his great experience in tough conditions. Ricky Mair came in 2nd with times not far off – but the cut up test on the last 2 laps slowing him a bit. David Macarthur continues to improve and finished in a well deserved 3rd

 With the fast hills of Selkirk a distant memory it was Mark Ritchie who made the most of his trip from Newcastle for maximum points – doing just enough each test to keep ahead of Steven Currie Snr – with James Harvey in 3rd despite very close test times for the day. The Over 40’s showing their experience in the tough conditions

 In the Clubman Steven Currie Junior put in some great test times – not far off expert pace – to claim the win. Dean Reid and Jonathon Macintosh following close behind to keep him on his toes all day.

 Clubman “B” winner Dean Barr is still pushing for the Championship and still has a chance for the Championship with current points leader Andrew Bissett dropping a few places. A season is a long time. Alan Maclean lead home Mark Grice (who must have brashed at least half the course – so Karma to him).

 Alan Carson finished top step in the Sportsmen – no trail ride here – a great ride in difficult conditions. Stuart Cooper and Leslie Bertram finishing 2nd and 3rd and continuing their battle at the top of the Sportsman class.

 Well done to all the rider who turned up for the day – tougher than the club intended – but a satisfying one to finish.

 Thanks to Tilhill Economic Forestry for the use of Griffin – and to all the club workers who put in months of work to prepare the course .

 Fancy 2 days at Griifin ……


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Photos by Scottishenduros

Gavin Johnston

David Macarthur

The future -or just hot air?

The Lost walls

Shug in the test

Dean reid

Scenic Scotland - Garry of course

Andrew McConnel

Steven Currie Snr

Alan Scotland makes a splash

And now it starts

Scott McVittie in the test

Stuart Couper

Ricky Mair

Graham Mechan

The Goblins - a bit damp


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