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newsacusml.jpg (9809 bytes) 2007 Championship ENDURO

Round 6  ELRAT  MCC Griffin Forest Enduro

Sponsored by Robert Brownlie Motor Engineers

2nd September 2007


6 months of rain - followed by 2 weeks of sun - makes for an interesting event. Atholl Cameron devised a longer and tougher route than last year - but it was touch and go if the event would run. Luckily it dried out enough for the event to go ahead - but turned out to be a real Forest Enduro - one few people would forget.

The Sportsman had a basic loop round the Forest and then the Clubman and Experts had loops off up hills and some damper bits. But they all had to get through the test. Not a problem on the first few laps - but a nightmare on the last lap as the course turned to mud. With marshalls cutting new paths everywhere Chief Marshall Scott Cameron had a tough job to keep the event on track. But there was a 70 % finish - not too bad for a wet event.

Murray Thomson continues to lead the Championship with a superb display in very tough conditions - he excels the tougher it gets ( even having time on the first untimed test to set upthe course - Ta. ) Derek Little fought hard to chase him down - but it was a day for bigger engines in the power sapping bogs.  Nicky Beavitt was the last Expert to stay clean on his big Husaberg. Scott Maxwell finished 4th after his trials in the test. Gavin Douglas finished in 5th - a tough 5 laps.

Sean Wooley continues his Over 40 championship undefeated so far - Alex Kirk putting in some very consistent times to take 2nd.Ian Shedden putting his SSDT experience to good use to take thirs place ahead of improving Davy Hill.

In the Clubman Colin Bryan took the win on his E3 class bike - the extra power pushing through the bogs to win all three tests. Neil Chatham followe in 2nd on his 125 in one of his toughest Scottish events yet - it can only get easier ! James Harvey also on a 125 finishing in 3rd.

Rodger Summers took a great win in the Sportsman - closely followed by the improving Hamish Patrick in his first season on competition. A long third test dropping Neil simpson to 3rd. Alan Poynton showed the value of experience with a 6th place.

The event was a tough one - and lucky to go ahead considering the weather. Thanks to Atholl and his crew for a great event.

And finally ....

A couple of well kent faces went to walk test at the back of seven. Not far into it the lights went out. Dark, dark, no torches no mobiles & no way of following test cause couldn't see the markers. They decided between them it might be quicker to jog / run, nothing to do with the Bogey Men it was just to get back faster. Not a clue as to where they were except a soft fire break with fallen trees? Eventually a tarmac road. Good, but still lost, its easier to run down hill than up. Next stop Aberfeldy. This is where they managed to scrounge a lift to get back, now I am unsure of exact time but after eleven wouldn't be wrong I just dont know how far after eleven.

No names - but we know who you are .......

Thanks to Tilhill Forestry for their Forest and to Robert Brownlie Motor Engineers for sponsoring the event.

See you all next year .

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Photos by Angus "Evil Snapper" Donald and J & B Pics ( Jean and Betty) . E-mail for high res images or poster prints
grif0733.jpg (250862 bytes)

ELRAT - we welcome you !


grif0714.jpg (289107 bytes)

The start - and no rain

grif0735.jpg (295239 bytes)

George McGowan and Sean compare tactics

grif07178.jpg (218654 bytes)

Are we supposed to get up there too?

grif0703.jpg (407982 bytes)

David Fergus - ready for the test


grf0702.jpg (416536 bytes)

Thomas Drysdale - 3-2-1 go ...

grif0701.jpg (154946 bytes)

Now be serious lads - this is important !

grif0706.jpg (317056 bytes)

Mark queues them up

grif0705.jpg (321798 bytes)

All you have to do is get across the bridge - Rob Justice shows how

grif0707.jpg (291351 bytes)

As does Keith Westcott

grif0710.jpg (332998 bytes)

George takes it easy too

grif0709.jpg (343578 bytes)

And Craig Scotland

grif0708.jpg (365512 bytes)

But there were a few problems ...

grif0712.jpg (291643 bytes)

Even Experts get it wrong - Gav !

grif0711.jpg (279932 bytes)

Derek lines up

grif0713.jpg (363319 bytes)

Michael Houston - looking a bit muddy

grif0719.jpg (316206 bytes)

David Fergus sets off on the days racing

grif0716.jpg (362700 bytes)

Findlay White crests the start hill

grif0717.jpg (330627 bytes)

Atholl checks up on Martin Pennycook

grif0723.jpg (226711 bytes)

Neil Simpson powers through the test

grif0721.jpg (210199 bytes)

Nicky Beavitt powers on

grif0724.jpg (279787 bytes)

Duncan Wright gets it sideways

grif0722.jpg (276879 bytes)

Michael Pearce enjoys hsi day

grif0725.jpg (330509 bytes)

Dougie Meek - " Well don't just stand there - give me a hand !!"

grif0726.jpg (258779 bytes)

Bike tired ?

grif0728.jpg (233173 bytes)

David Sheriffs gives it max effort

grif0729.jpg (288177 bytes)

And then you need friends

grif0727.jpg (382891 bytes)

The 2nd bog - and uphill

grif0731.jpg (310852 bytes)Scott Maxwell says .. grif0732.jpg (273974 bytes)

Reach for the sky - and he did finish - awesome.  !


grif07230.jpg (316899 bytes)

Just in case you forgot what it was like - Bog 2

grif0737.jpg (219115 bytes)

Bog 1

grif071920.jpg (375445 bytes)

Alan Davidson enjoys the heathery bits

grif0736.jpg (426745 bytes)

Stewart makes a return to competition

grif0734.jpg (274793 bytes)

Grant Smith - looking good before his last lap crash.


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