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Rounds 3 Melville MC Glengap Enduro

11th June 2006


With the dust settled from Pathhead it was a long wait for round 3 and a trip to the beautiful South East of Scotland for the Glengap Enduro. In another forest for the 4th year Brian Mcleary and Andrew McConnel put on another very testing but varied event.  Always a challenge to find a course in the tight forests in this part of the world they did a greta job with a course covering about 10 miles taking in forest trails, mossy bog, forest road and of course some roots to keep you busy. The test was a challenge if you made a mistake with steep hills and slippy off cambers. There was usually more than route to the top to avoid the fallen rider digging their bike out in front of you.

With the course playing a major part in deciding the eventual winners - times were tight and very tight on the last lap. With an 8 minute refuel check to allow riders to recover it was always going to be a tough day. Congratulations to all the riders who made it round for all their laps - even if you were out of time - a great achievement on the toughest event of the year so far.

There were several new riders - Jamie Humpage and Neil Chatham just starting their careers and must be wondering what they need to do to finish. A very demanding event with the more experienced riders showing how to conserve energy on a very hot course. Enduro is not just about speed but about keeping going .

In the Experts Murray Thomson posted equal fastest test and also managed to stay clean on time - an awesome achievement on the day. Closesly followed home by Derek Little only dropping 4 minutes - but having a few offs in the test ( he says thanks to no 65 for letting him past in the test - before Derek then fell off in front of him !). Ally Lauder continued his championship drive with an excellent 3rd and Dougie Kerr again showed his speed with a very fast 4th.

Sean Wooley is the current Over 40 Champ and looks like keeping his title with another fast set of tests and the only Over40 to stay clean. Ian Paterson pushed hard but couldn't quite catch him in 2nd with a start outing by Findlay White seeing him master the course for a great 3rd.

In the Grandpa class James Anthony ( No 31) made a late  class change with his grandchild arriving during the week and inspired him to keep going for a well deserved finish within his hour.

Michael Lowrie posted the only clean in the Clubman and some very fast test times to win 1st Place. Neil Atkinson in 2nd was followed closely by Douglas Page and Iain McMullen in a tight battle at the top. Neil Chatham impressed in his very first Enduro and finished within the hour - a tough one to start with - they can only be easier from now on !!

Sportsman Stuart Mowbray won the day and also stayed clean along with 2nd place Grant Millar and 3rd Place Alaistair Crockett.

All those who houred out - but finished their laps were credited as finishers - a just reward for an awful lot of hard work.

Thanks to the Melville Club for another great event - we can't wait till next year. And thanks to the Scottish Forestry Commission for the use of the ground - a superb venue.


Photos courtesy of Fiona and Graham Humpage - ta for the great shots
If you want bigger images contact me - and ask about a poster if it is a good shot !

gg01.jpg (197170 bytes)

The Bus Boys from Nairn - Cool or what !

gg03.jpg (182448 bytes)

And the tension mounts in the pits

gg02.jpg (271579 bytes)

The usual suspects - will they all finish ..

gg04.jpg (292845 bytes)

The start is crowded - not long to go.

gg05.jpg (191222 bytes)

Steve Irvin and Iain McMullen - ready for the off..

gg06.jpg (186850 bytes)

And they are off .... into the dust ...

gg07.jpg (228068 bytes)

Callum Redpath, Sandy murray and Allan McCluskie - and all with the correct colour plates - makes me proud.

gg08.jpg (292244 bytes)

Briian Hendry leads Grant Miller.

gg09.jpg (198393 bytes)

Ian Paterson - gets down to business

gg10.jpg (237283 bytes)

Douglas Page - looking relaxed

gg11.jpg (255414 bytes)

iain Lang - feet up and still clean

gg12.jpg (249372 bytes)

Alastair White - on the big DRZ - lookin' good

gg13.jpg (389640 bytes)

Mark Ewing down off the hills

gg15.jpg (288635 bytes)

Derek Little - so smooth in the test.

gg14.jpg (234643 bytes)      gg16.jpg (270467 bytes)

The start of the test with Rosie - and Jeff McCleary keeps a tight line in the test.

gg17.jpg (301857 bytes)

Dougie Kerr - shows the way

gg18.jpg (187616 bytes)

Paul Ferry - long distance competitor from Tyne and Wear

gg19.jpg (259418 bytes)

Paul Mason - looking in control

gg20.jpg (250158 bytes)

Graeme Crawford - getting a move on

gg21.jpg (316362 bytes)

Neil Chatham - first time out and looking good !


gg22.jpg (290784 bytes)

Michael Houston - benefits from the training day - going strong

gg23.jpg (333923 bytes)

Iain Lang - still clean

gg24.jpg (226492 bytes)

Richard Finnie - keeps clear of the hole in the test

gg25.jpg (264457 bytes)

Duncan Macniven uses his training to keep going on down.

gg26.jpg (283418 bytes)

Findlay White leads the Over 40's round


gg27.jpg (202651 bytes)

The Evil Snapper strikes - you fall - we photo ......

gg28.jpg (306915 bytes)

Alastair Crocket - keeps it tight


gg29.jpg (206231 bytes)

Steven Wark surveys the hill before going for it.

gg30.jpg (188617 bytes)

Martin Pennycook discusses lap times with Campbell Chatham - YEH - GO FOR IT !!

gg31.jpg (280758 bytes)

James Bell - the face says it all - well done on a great finish !

gg32.jpg (323697 bytes)

Clerk of the Course Brian McCleary checks out the ruts

gg33.jpg (261524 bytes)

Jamie Humpage sets off - 1st event

gg34.jpg (367848 bytes)

Rab Moir - more events than he can remember - but top 10 finish !


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