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3rd Round SACU Hare and Hound Championship 2016

SBEC Glendearg H&H 17th July 2016

Provisional results UPDATED  - click here.

Won by Andrew Bisset after a slow start on his new 2017 spec bike -but got up to speed as the bike settled in . Fraser Flockhart is back on a bike - bog standard - and lead the race until his subframe started coming loose. Quick fix and back on track for 2nd Ben Thomson chased down the leaders all day for a close 3rd. All on 13 laps

Kyle Deswert showed his speed in the Over 40's to keep ahead of Murray Thomson - back racing again - both on 12 laps. With Gavin Elliot in 3rd.

In Clubman Shaun Rennie kept his speed up for 11 laps - ahead of Duane Whittaker on 10 laps and Kage McKenzie

Clubman B waswon by Ryan Paxton on 11 laps ahead of Grant Aithison and Graeme Paxton - both on 10 laps.

Sportsman is always competitive and Mark Hawley keep ahead of George Crawford - both on 10 laps with Will Douglas finishing in 3rd on 9 laps.

A great day out (who will forget the forest . . .) - many thanks to SBEC for all their effort - and a big thank you to John Little and his team - coming all the way from Elgin to do the scoring.

Winner  Andrew Bisset on the rocks 



Photos Copyright Scottishenduros 2016.

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Ready for the off

And they are off - only three hours to go

It's easy - just follow the arrows . . .


Over 40 winner Kyle Deswert

Murray back at speed

Gavin Elliot

Tom Grant roosting

Duane Whittaker in control

Neil McGregor

Lindsay Barrie looking good

Fraser commits

Then launches up the hill

Ben Thomson flies

Andy "Badger" Dean

Johnny Stewart on the up

How many does it take to get a bike up a hill. 1 - 2 - 3

Nope 3 + 1 . It's nice to have friends

The chase is on

Smile for the camera !

OK Fraser - who ate all the pies

Craig Knox at speed

Mike Dunn flying

James Harvey at speed in the woods

Michael Tawse gets the power down

Neil Douglas gives the course he thumbs up

Marshalls are getting younger every day .

Waving Uncle Craig home - last man on the course !