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SBEC Falahill Enduro Weekend 1st /2nd June 2024

With glorious sunshine the Scottish Borders Enduro Club put on a fantastic weekend of Enduro Competition.

With one of the biggest entries seen for a few years there were nearly 100 riders on both days as they catered for the Enduro riders and also the multi lap Hare and Hounds riders.

There was also Youth H&H on the Sunday morning given the young riders a chance to experience a full off road course.

Andy Thomson and his crew put in a lot of effort over many weeks to produce a testing and enjoyable course. At the end of the day there were a lot of smiling faces.

Despite the sunshine the course had its challenges with a river of water running through  the trees and several very sticky bogs. But that's Enduro and with the marshalls helping and changing the course when needed the event went ahead . A proper Enduro and one worth finishing.

On the Sunday with a shortened lap for the H&H and several of the worst bogs cut out the 2 and 1/2 hour event went ahead in sunshine with some close racing.

A great weekend and riders enjoyed the new format.

A big thank you  to FALAHILL farm for the the use of the land and a great camping and parking area.


Saturday - Round 4 Scottish Enduro Championship   results2024\SACU Time Card Championship Rd 4 - Results.pdf

Sunday- Youth Hare and Hounds Championship race   results2024\SACU H&H Championship Rd 1 Results - Youths .pdf

Sunday - Adult Hare and Hounds Championship round 1   results2024\SACU H&H Championship Rd 1 Results - Adults.pdf

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C of C Andy Thomson with the Expert podium

1st Andrew Bisset 2nd Ben Thomson 3rd Kevin Murray

Donald Cameron digs deep for a finish

Andy raises the flag on the Experts

Ben Thomson through the trees

Anthony Hay in the scenery with Pentlands behind

Andrew Bisset makes a splash

Tight in the trees

Bill Bruce safely across

Andrew feet up all day

Ben on a charge

Kevin chasing

Alex Bell keeps it tight

Ryan Paxton gets the power down

Alex Pringle always fast

Alex Owen keeping it tidy

Mark Ritchie in Classic Black and White

Ricky Mair flies past

Liam Matheson roosts

Alistair Barr blasts away

David Simm on form

Alan Davidson on a charge

Daniel Pringle on the classic Honda 125

Malcolm Ross keeps going

Darren Mitchell kicks up the dust - no - mud !

John Dean blasts his way through

Bill Bruce kicks up the roost

Ben Thomson at speed

Cameron Marriott gives it some stick

Kevin Murray maximum effort

Alex Bell charges on

Alex Pringle strong all day

James Harvey - smooth all day

Taylor Mair having a good day

Gary Scales keeps it tight

Gary Reid max effort

Ian Bisset

Alan Davidson gets "encouragement" from Andy and his big bro.

Duncan Birrell plays it safe

Craig Gordon pushes hard

James Knowles rapid in the trees

Alan MacDonald styling as always

David Fickling emerges from the bushes

Ellie Cooke on form all day

Arran Park crests the rise

Angus Hamilton ready for the quarry

Gordon Harrison on the pegs

From the dust to the cool trees

Neil Dawson gets a quick power wash

Followed by Liam Matheson

Anthony Hay makes a splash

Andy Limpitlaw clears the deep ruts

Ian Bisset decides speed is best

Mark Ritchie having a good day out

The evil snapper was there .

Alex Bell clears the burn

Mike Chaplin pushes on the Electric Suron.

Jordan Aitken escapes the mud

Ryan Paxton walks on water

Duane Whittaker having a great day out.