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Ecosse XC Hare and Hounds - 2nd round Hare and Hounds Championship . Romanno Bridge 14th May 2023

A great new venue from the Ecosse XC club. Great start area and lovely course to ride. Forests, trails, some bogs and lots of fast going. And a few bumps to get aerial on.

Many thanks to Hamilton Farm for the use of the land and to Jim Dodds and Mark Ritchie with the crew for setting up.


Todays results  results2023\Final Results Rd 2 HH Ecosse XC.pdf

Experts Andrew Bisset and Ben Thomson had a fast and close battle all day with Andrew emerging as the winner on the last lap.

Craig Steven followed up in 3rd. All on 8 laps

Only Owen Gourlay in Over 40's also managed 8 laps for the win. Mark Ritchie 2nd and James Harvey flying for 3rd.

Ryan Paxton pushed hard for the Clubman win ahead of youngster Rhys Whyment and Alex Pringle in 3rd.

Mike Wilson took the Clubman B class followed by Ryan Chapman and Chris Gallagher

Andy Dean impressed in the over 50's with Tim Sleigh in 2nd and Andrew Flockhart in 3rd

Jed Burn led the Sportsman with James Goodall in 2nd and Billy Campbell in 3rd

Steven Clark took the Sportsman Vet win with Alan Strachan 2nd and Bill Bruce in 3rd

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Andrew Bisset flies for the win

Steven Craig

JJ Burgess

Owen Gourlay on form

Mark Ritchie - max effort

Robbie Davidson

Rhys Whyment

Gavin Donald

Marcus Jefferson

Smooth Andrew Bisset

Hard charging Ben Thomson

Jon Denison

Martin Richard

Marco Martinelli

Daniel Watson

Steven Craig

Lee Halliday

Jeff Brown

Reece Docherty

Chris Gallagher

Alistair McGowan

Andrew Flockhart

Taylor Mair

Matty Cameron

Pete Nixon

Thomas Malcolm

William Anderson


James Goodall


Getting busy out there

Steven Howes

Ben Flies past Wayne Johnson

Steven Craig  pushes on

Owen styling

Ryan Paxton spots the camera

Stuart Robley

Graeme Paxton

Robbie Davidson

Clerk of the Course Jim Dodds in action

Richard Cowan

Spot the MXer

Taylor Mair flying

George McBeth in action

Lewis Carey - another MXer

Les Poles


More MXer action

Mark Ritchie - cant keep a good man down

Rhys styling for the camera

Cai in flight

Alex Pringle gets some air


Andrew flies

Ben chases

James Harvey