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Hope you like the photo's - they are from the UAE Desert Challenge which I competed in at the end of last year (Nov 2000).

The race is the last round of the World Championship for International Cross Country Rallies. I hadn't competed in enough races to be a contender for the championship, but I did finish 7th Outright (out of 116 starters). I also finished 2nd in the Production Class.

I had some problems with fuel during the race which cost me some time, but the biggest disadvantage was the lack of top speed compared to the factory BMW bikes (Twin cyclinder's capabale of over 200km/hr) I was riding a 600cc Husaberg, which is a fantastic bike but the top speed in the sand is more like 160km/hr so I had my work cut out trying to stay anywhere near the factory guys.

Great event though, if you want to find out more you can check out



Enjoy these - and if you aren't jealous you have no soul. 600cc Husaberg - need a bigger bike next time. Andrew has also done the Atlas Rally and a few others. So that's how he makes it look easy.

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