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newsacusml.jpg (9809 bytes)sbec.jpg (16984 bytes)SACU Motocrossscotland Enduro Championship 2012 Round 6  27th May

Dalmellington Enduro turned out to be a real test of man and machine. With scorching temperatures and dust on the roads - but then deep bogs in the forest and on the moors.

Congratulations to Euan Mcconnel on his win in the Expert class - with Ironman Richard Hay in 2nd the only other Expert to finish.

Updated Results - Click here

Craig Jagla pointed out he retired (Thanks for that) and Stuart Ross is a finisher

Note From Paul Carlyle (Clerk of Course)

 Thanks everyone for coming to Dalmellington and taking part in what turned out to be a fairly tough enduro - albeit some riders "felt the heat" more than others.

 We tried hard to keep the event moving and made some decisions to cut laps and checks to try to get a reasonable number of finishers. I think everyone who finished should be proud of their efforts. I'd like to thank Andrew McConnell and his team for a huge effort to find a new forest for us to race in and for laying out a completely new event.

 The provisional results have taken a little longer to prepare than hoped for as there were some issues we had to discuss.

 Firstly, the winner of the Clubman class, Andrew Bisset, incurred a 60 second late penalty due to his stopping to help Keith Watt deal with his bike being on fire. Andrew asked for this penalty to be waived and we would be happy to do so as the first duty of any rider is to stop and help another competitor where there is real danger. However, although we would be happy to waive this penalty, we have left it in the results as it would have made no difference to the result and we wanted to make it clear that waiving the penalty would not change the outcome. Thanks to Andrew and all the other riders who pitched in to help Keith in what was a new situation for me at a Scottish event.

Secondly, unfortunately we have had to exclude some riders for cutting the course in the test. Our marshals took a clear note of some riders who missed out certain sections of the test. We fully realise that in the course of a long day in difficult conditions riders can make mistakes and we are certain that none of these riders set out deliberately to cut the course. However, we did point out the penalty for course cutting at the briefing and I'm sure everyone will understand that it is in the nature of fairness in sport that we must apply the rules as they stand.

 Finally, although we have two test times for the Sportsman class, we were clear at the briefing that the first test would not count and we have therefore, with the agreement of the SACU steward, prepared the results based on the one "racing" test time that we have.

 Thank you on behalf of the SBEC to everyone who entered and raced and all those who officiated and helped before, during and after the event.


Several riders had mechanical failures which dropped them out of the event - but "THE UNLUCKIEST MAN IN ENDUROS" had the final straw on Sunday. At Lochhouses he snapped the front off his new 350 KTM , he then got a 2nd bike and seized it - before rebuilding 1 good bike from all the bits - only for it to catch fire and get totalled. If he didn't have bad luck he would have no luck.












Photos by Scottishenduros - copies - prints and posters available

Allan Milligan Sportsman Winner

Michael Houston gives it some stick

Allyn Scotland

Bill Bruce

Mark Grice enjoys the sun

Nial Patton 'B' winner

Lindsay Rae finishes the test

Feet up all day - hero !

It was a lovely day - on the road !

Euan gets some air

Fraser Norrie at speed


John Pollock - will it ever end ....

Leslie Bertram

Lindsay Rae

Michael Houston - still roosting

Mick Alty

Mark Ritchie - feet up ?

Murray Thomson relaxing

Ironman Richard Hay

R Thompson on the rocks

The Test start team

The chase is on ...