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3rd Round Scottish Enduro Championship at Craiglash - 15th May 2016

Final Results ( Nicky Beavitt penalty for late start) - click here  (Any queries on the results contact webmaster @ scottishenduos co uk )

Well done to Fergus Lamb on a great win against a large field of experts. With Fraser Flockhart in 2nd and Fraser Norrie in 3rd

 A fantastic days ride in a very tough forest for all the riders. Drier than in past years .

The test was in great condition - with a lot of uphills and downhills - with the "leap of faith" at the start of the test. For a forest enduro it was fairly flowing

Thanks to Bon Accord for a great day out in the forest - especially Stuart Cooper - clerk of the course and his team for all their efforts.

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Start with scrutineering

The "B's" - great job

Scott McVittie ends the test

Ben Edwards make a lunge for the line

Hugh Laird gets airborne

Luke Welsh avoiding trees

Maximum effort - did he make it  . . .

Where's ma bike ?

Ryan Jones turns on the style

David Smart

Shaun Rennie -looking good - but. . .

A victim of the "evil snapper"

Alasdair Anderson

Aaron Bower

Johnathon Denison shows the correct way to cross a log

Or you can just go for it Alan Bonner

Stuart Pettigrew gets air too


"Inspirational"Mike Robertson

David Linton puts his best foot forward

The race is on

The "A" Team + medic (just in case)

Ben Thomson starts the test

Clubman winner and top ELRAT Pat Cesari

Easy does it - foot down - then . . . .

Pick the bike up - damn you "evil snapper"

Calum Macleod gets a move on

Kevin Gauld pushes

Alan Davidson in control

James Barrack roosts

Luke Welsh finds some bottom to the mud

Fraser Flockhart

Andrew Bisset saves the front

Ricky says "anything you can do . .. "

David Tait - looking very clean

Cameron Davidson

Nicky Beavit finally gets going. Lookin good

Duncan Ure - desert racer heads for the trees

Ben Edwards posing for the camera

The Pits

Ricky Mair and pit crew

Lindsay Barrie looking tidy

James Harvey - 2nd over 40 - on a trials bike !!!!!

Robert Grimmond

Alan Bonner - save of the day !

Andrew Bisset

Dean Reid

Ben Thomson

Fergus Lamb

Frazer Norrie

Ricky Mair


Hunter Barclay Snr gets going.



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