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smallsacu.jpg (1848 bytes) SACU Enduro Championship 2011

Bon Accord MCC Craiglash  - 2nd October

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Another very testing day in the forest - the rest of the UK has record temperatures - but Bon Accord manages some light rain to keep the dust down ....

Congratulations to Allyn Scotland on a win in a very tough event - with a tight last lap - pushed hard all day by Richard Hay who leaves no room for error.

Well done to Bon Accord for a tough event in a wee forest - always finding a new route each year.

Results - Trials riders - looked like hard work for 4 hours !

No. 161 Allan Milligan First Test 347 Second Test 356 Total 703

No. 160 Lindsay Rae Retired

Photographs by Scottishenduros - Prints and posters available

The Quarry - and a stranger walks by .....

Steven Currie Jnr

Ewan Grindlay

Dax Edgeley

Angus Donald

Ian Bisset

One of the many downhills

Allan Milligan - Trials - well hard

Paul Smart giving it a go

Mark Ritchie shows how to cross a log

Followed by James Harvey

Scott McKune gets a move on


Daniel Boddington shifts

Ian Bisset  crests another slippy climb

Richard Williams puddle jumping

Nail Patton Snr

Is this man serious (He did win the class ...)

We salute the test crew. Wet all day

Father and Son - great team

Now that is serious ....


Barry Mckie gets the power down in the test

Followed by Daniel Boddington


Winner Allyn Scotland finished the test

Graham Mechan cruises in

Gavin Johnston gets the best foot forward

Brian Donald - and relax ......

And Dax comes in - still looking clean.


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