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Elgin Endurance Club 20th Nov 2016 - final  SACU Championship Hare and Hound Round for 2016. Round originally scheduled for 30th Oct but delayed due to land access and time to organise the course.

Provisional Results (updated v2)-results2016\birkenhill hare and hound 2016 v2.pdf

Aerial video footage of the event - https://vimeo.com/192464305

Won by Andrew Bisset who was flying on the day. With Ben Edwards being the main chaser .

In the over 40s Derek Little and Murray Thomson resiumed battle with a close fight all day. Derek just edging the win with James Harvey threatening in 3rd

Shaun Rennie took the Clubman win from Greg Gallacher - battle continues .With M Brown  slotting in for third Alan davidson in 4th (despite wrestling a tree)

Shaun Sangster led the way in the Clubman B class fighting off  Joe Barnes with Graeme Paxton speeding in to 3rd

Craig Houston led the Sportsman home ahead of C Andrews and Steven Gordon.

A great day with perfect conditions - just above (sometimes) zero - but enough wee frosty icy patches to make it interesting

Special mention to Quintin Stevens - his first event and he thought a 1983 Yamaha YZ 490 would be just the thing. Well done on a good finish

Thanks to Barry and Kev for another great day at Birekenhill.






Photos (c) Scottishenduros 2016. Prints and posters available

Kev gives the briefing while riders keep warm

Young Ricky "you said I could ride if my feet touch the pedals "


Warm up

Murray gets the Holeshot

Shaun nails it

A 1983 YZ 490 - IDEAL!!

Kevin checks them all back in