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Bon Accord Barras Hare and Hound 2008

Results 08 - click here

Expert class won by Richard Hay with Frazer Norie in second and Derek Little in 3rd

A great day out of winter sport - at least there was no mud this year. . . .


Barras 0801.jpg (147481 bytes)

And the experts are off

barras 0802.jpg (123328 bytes)

Followed by the Sportsmen

Barras 0803.jpg (166661 bytes)

Frazer Norrie gets to grips with the snow

Barras 0804.jpg (164503 bytes)

Colin Bryan keeps it feet up

Barras 0805.jpg (159703 bytes)

Watch out Brian - Dicky is on his way

Barras 0806.jpg (114766 bytes)

Derek Little plows on

Barras 0807.jpg (127424 bytes)

David Burnett enjoyed the winter sports

Barras 0808.jpg (142249 bytes)

Brain Donald at speed

Barras 0810.jpg (144491 bytes)

Graeme Coull keeps it tidy

Barras 0811.jpg (144358 bytes)

Spence Nicol - and the !!*^% rocks .....

Barras 0812.jpg (141393 bytes)

The rocks caught out quite a few

Barras 0814.jpg (131678 bytes)

Derek flying

Barras 0815.jpg (130811 bytes)

Keith Watt raising a roost

Barras 0816.jpg (153349 bytes)

Frazer flies

Barras 0817.jpg (157237 bytes)

Followed by Derek in mid flight

Barras 0818.jpg (158525 bytes)

Ian Main pushes on

Barras 0820.jpg (154504 bytes)

Shuggie keeps it pinned

Barras 0819.jpg (166294 bytes)

William Beatty pushes on

Barras 0822.jpg (104976 bytes)

Murray Whittaker in the red

Barras 0826.jpg (201991 bytes)

The narrow and fast bit  

Barras 0825.jpg (114634 bytes)

John Barbour

Barras 0823.jpg (89486 bytes)

Shuggy gets some air

Barras 0824.jpg (105285 bytes)

Allyn Scotland drives hard

Barras 08245jpg.jpg (109435 bytes)

James Watson pressing on

Barras 08001.jpg (78969 bytes)

To remind you of the beautiful morning

Barras 0821.jpg (138025 bytes)

And the evil snapper strikes

Barras 0813.jpg (134570 bytes)

And again

Morning Quad Race
barrasq01.jpg (153541 bytes)

Quads at speed

Barras quad02.jpg (131377 bytes)

Scott Hamilton in control

Barras quad03.jpg (142342 bytes)

Craig McCormick gets the beast wide open


Barras quad04.jpg (182640 bytes)

OK - we surrender ...


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